About Eversures - Wearever

Wearever is a line of reliable incontinence products from Eversures that look and feel like normal undergarments. Each Wearever incontinence product is constructed of high-quality materials, and features a durable construction that is good for 200 to 250 washes. Built-in pads within Wearever undergarments provide exceptional absorption, eliminating the need to use disposable pads or inserts. Experience the best comfort and quality, with a complete range of incontinence protection with Wearever incontinence products.

Wearever Incontinence

All but one pair of Wearever Incontinence Panties provide light to moderate protection against urinary incontinence; Wearever Super Incontinence Panties. These Wearever Incontinence Panties provide moderate to heavy protection, allowing women who have heavier incontinence to experience the great comfort and quality Wearever Incontinence Panties have to offer.

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